Friday, February 17, 2006

Winter in America

This lovely photo was taken by my friend Mike Gardner from his office window this morning in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, USA. As I said to Mike in my e-mail reply we used to get snow like that in England when I was a kid but not these days.Or is it just my memory playing tricks on me?

Anyway thank you Mike - a fabulous picture - hope all in Michigan can keep warm over the coming weekend!!!


Anonymous said...

oh gosh.. the snow adn the cold here is killing.. !! trust me it looks so beuatiful but it is really really deadly.. a little bit of flesh exposed for more then 10 minutes one can get frostbite !!

one needs to respect maother nature.. !! :)-

Rocky said...

I like the snow, but in short periods of time. I like to take my kids sleigh riding. We do not get as much snow or cold weather in Kentucky as Mike does in Michigan. We get a big snow every couple of years. It is quite cold here right now. It will get in the single digits (F) tonight, but will warm in the next couple of days. i can take it for a day or two, but not like in Michigan, Wisconsin, and heaven forbid like Brian ward in Canada.

Mike Gardner said...

The picture would have been brighter if I had been willing to take it from the outside instead of through the tinted windows. But, since the temperature at the time was hovering near the zero (F) point, I didn't have the desire! We had an ice storm the previous night that cut our power for about ten hours. Some of my coworkers didn't get it back for two or three days. Peter is right--it looks pretty, but it can also be fierce.

Anonymous said...

I love snow. It always brings me good memories. Your photo has reminded me my of my childhod in the north of Spain: snow + fireplace + family + no worries at all. Thanks for that!!!

Trevor Gay said...

I love looking at snow. I love playing in the snow with kids - and indeed with other adults who like me and Fancisco, allow snow to re-create images and thoughts of our childhood.

On the serious side of course snow can be very dangerous and like all aspects of nature - we do well to respect it!