Friday, January 27, 2006

What gets to you?

What are some of the craziest, annoying or frustrating things you come across in everyday life?

I have noticed a few and I get baffled by them. Am I the only person who has these thoughts? If so maybe I should get out more.

Why are some toilet roll holders positioned in places that make it almost impossible to get to unless you are a contortionist? - Who selects those places?

How come announcers on trains speak in a way that is unclear, muffled and too loud and even if they spoke clearly the loudspeakers are so poor quality that we wouldn’t hear anyway? - What is the point? Does anyone on the staff ever think about listening to the message as a customer?

Why do some drivers get a kick out of driving so close to your rear bumper that if you opened your boot they could drive right in? - Are they Psychopaths?

What is the point of some driver sounding the horn repeatedly when another driver makes a mistake? Someone who has made a mistake doesn’t need reminding. Did the person sounding the horn ever make a mistake?

Why is it that some people seem content to simply ignore e-mails until I chase them at least three times? This is just bad manners - no excuse - no defence just bad manners. To me it is no different than looking someone in the eye, saying 'hello' and the person ignoring you completely.

What annoys or frustrates you?

Now .... Just to bring a little light relief to this:

How do ‘Keep off the Grass' signs get there?

Why is there always a teaspoon left at the bottom of the washing up bowl?

How come non-stick labels stick to non-stick frying pans?


Rocky said...

Hahahahaha those are pretty good. The one that drives me crazy is the car that follows to closely.

Annie said...

Why is 'dyslexia' such a difficult word to spell?

Why is it that my two teenagers who are quite intelligent, don't know how to replace a toilet roll?