Monday, March 28, 2005

Simplicity is the Key

I describe 'Simplicity is the Key' as a short book for busy people.

The book is my reflections after 35 years management experience in the National Health Service in the United Kingdom - the third largest employer in the world after the Chinese Army and Indian Railways - the NHS employs over 1 million people.

The book is about leadership; change; and generally how things get done informed largely by my experience in this massive organisation.

  • I am convinced we make simple things unnecessarily complicated.
  • I think complexity is merely the sum of simple parts.

The book is very short - 60 pages - and does not contain new management theory. It simply suggests that there has to be an easier way.

My experience tells me that there is much to do to lighten the sometimes stuffy and sterile world of management by releasing the power that all staff and managers have within them.

I believe keeping things simple helps make work a better place to be - my book is intended to assist that. The book is anecdotal, subjective and not academic. It is about what I feel based on experiences.

Simplicity is the Key is intended to be a book you can read on that long train journey to the next complex conference you have to attend.

I hope you enjoy reading the book please let me know

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