Thursday, March 24, 2005

Let's talk English

I get mildly irritated when our wonderful English language is abused.

Some things that annoy me have somehow been allowed to creep into everday vocabulary.

For instance - why do so many people?
  1. Start sentences with the word 'BASICALLY.. and repeat that word regularly
  2. Start sentences with the word 'ACTUALLY'
  3. Repeatedly use the expression 'AT THE END OF THE DAY'
  4. Repeatedly use the expression 'AT THIS POINT IN TIME'

There are many others I'm sure

What annoys you?


Anonymous said...

Here in the States we have so many issues with speaking the languasge. There is the issue with slang and the issue with cultural differences. I am probably horrible about both. I work with youth have a language that is all their own. if you were to come to this country and meet an inner city youth, conversing may be all but impossible. I work with them most everyday and have a very hard time keeping up. I guess that is the generation gap. I travel the state of Kentucky a great deal. One day I am in the inner city and the next I am literally in Bug Tussle, Kentucky. I go from inner city slang to bluegrass music and country as a turnip green culture. To give an example, greeting someone goes from "Wuzup G" (hello) to "How Yall doin" (hello). So as a result I am a freak of nature that cannot communicate with anyone. So with that being said

"I'm rollin" "Got to bust a move" "I'm Outty" "Later" "Gotta hop" 'See Yall, hear" All of which is just a few of the ways to say goodbye.

Trevor Gay said...

Awesome Rocky - you have a great sense of hunour my friend

Keep rattling the cage


Troy Worman said...

Excellent post, Trevor.

I don't like the phrase, "in terms of."

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Troy - I agree with you .... what does 'in terms of' mean anyway?

Hope you are having a good easter break my friend.