Saturday, March 12, 2005

Seeking Stability in an Unstable World

Seeking Stability in an Unstable World neatly summarises my view that many managers and staff in organisations want the world to metaphorically "stand still for a day or two" so they can catch up and enjoy some stability and predictability.

But ......

Knowledge, information and speed force us to carry on at a faster pace – “just to keep up” with the way things are developing and changing.

In other words, many want to see a semblance of order, process and structure - but - we live and work in unstructured organisations where those facets simply do not exist any more - a fascinating paradox.

My view about coping with the current environment is pragmatic:

I believe we must learn to live in the unstable world of unpredictability - bordering on chaos – then rise above it to a state where we welcome, encourage and celebrate change.

Throughout history, people have risen to challenges. The current Information Technology “revolution” presents us another massive challenge.

I believe history will record that we are currently living through something as profound as both the agricultural and industrial revolutions.


dylann said...

what do you do if you forsee certain changes as detremental and pointless? my department just lost the best director in the world and our new director is forcing needless change. the problem is, as a lowly employee on the bottom rung of the corporate ladder, my suggestions are deemed negligible. i embrace change, definitely. but, change for the worse is grounds for resignation in my book.

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Dylann - I agree change for the worse is crazy.

I also appreciate the difficulty when you feel you are - in your words - 'on the bottom rung'

People on the 'bottom rung' are the life blood of any organisation.

Good organisations will trust and value people in your position. They should seek out your views and opinions and respect you for the work you do.

I don't like terms like 'bottom rung' anyway - you are important and if the organisation doesn't recognise that then maybe you are in the wrong organisation.

And if you have decided to leave anyway - you have nothing to lose by just telling them how you feel -maybe that will make at least think.

Keep rattling the cage


dylann said...

i wanted to let you know that i resigned from my job this week. everything's on good terms, and i'm starting my new job soon. i never did get the chance to tell them how i feel, but i guess it doesn't matter at this point, huh.

Thanks Trevor! You rock my world!

Trevor Gay said...

When you have got your first pay cheque from the new job - why not write to the old firm and tell then how you feel - be courteous but assertivre -it may help them change.

Well done