Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Tony Benn in action - not bad for 81 years of age!

Whether or not people agree with what Tony Benn says, even his most outspoken opponents must surely admit that to have as much passion, energy and enthusiasm for a cause at almost 82 years of age is wonderful to behold.

This U-Tube clip of Tony speaking in September 2006 displays his passion.

As I have said many times on Simplicity Blog, Tony Benn is my greatest political hero and I was honoured to have an e mail from him recently. This is what he said:

"Dear Trevor

Having left Parliament to devote more time to politics I am free: Lots of experience and no personal ambition. Can't wait for April 3 2025 when I shall have completed my first hundred years and a new century of work begins"

Please enjoy the video clip and regardless of your political views just admire his gift of oratory.


Rocky said...

Good stuff Trevor,
Tony has certainly lived to seea great deal of the history of the modern world. I should hope to have a little of his vitality.

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Rocky

He is truly inspirational don't you think?

In my view it is great to have people like Tony Benn in public life that we can aspire to - at a time when there are so many public figures I would not want my kids to have as a role model.