Saturday, February 03, 2007

Thanks for feedback - Learning as I go!

Thanks - I have had some great feedback about my first Audio Blog yesterday and I have tried to take on board all of the constructive comments for this second trial.
This one is 4 minutes 21 seconds. Let me know your feedback.


Rocky said...

Great stuff Trevor.The sound quality is much clearer on the second recording. I like this addition to your repetoir. I think your plans of writing and mixing the audio is a good idea. i like to read, it seems to help when you put your own imagination, however, the personal effect of the audio makes everything seem more personal. Keep moving and growing. I really must catch up. Thanks.

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks for that Amigo!!

The temptation is to do more audio Blogging but that is just the novelty methinks. I will certainly continue to write posts. The written word is always a great way to express ourselves - you are very good at that as I have said many times. I miss your regular posts but I know it had been busy for you lately.

Dick Field said...

Trevor -- Yes, much better quality on this one. No extra volume needed. If I understand the concept of your trial service, you "phone in" a message and the service converts it to an MP3 file for posting on your blog. (Just for fun sometime, you might try a "remote" with a cell phone, with ambient noise in the background!)

I like the "authentic" effect of the sound. It is true that a mic would produce better quality (and you might still want to experiment some time - let me know and I can suggest an easy, cheap way of doing it in your office), but your last phone handset may be optimal for achieving that relaxed, slightly imperfect, conversational effect that you have produced. I am used to listening with a critical ear to a lot of commercial delivery and I can say your pacing and modulation are ideal for what I think you want to achieve. Clear and comfortable. Good work.

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Dick - appreciated

The phone I used this time was my Orange Mobile - seems a better quality - let me know anyway about the mic option. Thanks again

philgerb said...

Trevor - I would agree, this is much clearer than round 1. Well done.

Curious...did you prepare for your audio podcast or just talk off the cuff?

The combination headset and microphone might be nice for you.

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Phil - if you listen to trial number three on Sunday 4 Feb you will notice an improvement with the headset and mic on Skype methinks.

I have some bullet points but not a full script - I don’t want to just read something. As well as getting a message over I like spontaneity. I am always aiming for authenticity rather than contrived.