Thursday, February 01, 2007

All the Prime Ministers Men?

One of my favorite books and the follow up film is 'All the President's Men’

It is the story of the Watergate Scandal in the early 1970’s and the eventual resignation of
President Richard Nixon.

Nixon said he was not fit to be President because he was aware of what was going on regarding cover ups and taping of the opposition Democratic Party headquarters.

Even though he obviously would not have known the intimate details he fell on his own sword because he repeatedly denied any knowledge of what was going on.

Woodward and Bernstein, the two young Washington Post reporters would not give up their hunch that there was a nasty smell about this in the White House and some sort of conspiracy. The President did not know the details but he was the accountable person in the end and when the house of cards fell Nixon took the rap.

I cannot help but feel there are some similarities between that story and the current troubles Tony Blair is at the centre of - click
here for details

He has now been interviewed for a second time regarding this cash for honours question. A serving British Prime Minister has never been questioned by the police before now.

As a life long socialist I was delighted when Tony Blair was elected in 1997 and I still rate the man highly despite his many critics. But I cannot help feeling uneasy about this.

What will happen next?


Dan said...

Interesting stuff! I've always been impressed with Mr. Blair, and am sorry to see this sort of thing coming his way.

He's getting ready to leave office sometime soon, as I recall, right?

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Dan – good to hear from you.

Tony Blair has already announced that he will leave the office of Prime Minister after a tenure of ten years. It is likely to be in the summer 2007.

Gordon Brown the Chancellor of the Exchequer is apparently going to take over without an election in the Labour Party if we are to believe the newspapers.

Gordon Brown is no doubt very competent but he badly needs a personality implant. He was well down the pecking order when charisma was handed out. He reminds me of a typical NHS accountant. He is very dull.

Tony Blair seems to be the victim of his own success n some ways. He ‘rescued’ the labour Party in the mid 1990’s when the party was frankly a laughing stock and un-electable. Now he is seen as the ogre.

The Iraq war and his loyalty to the US line and in particular his support to George W has not gone down well with many people in the UK. Many see hi as Bush’s poodle and many feel that the US does not really need Britain.

Personally I supported his stance on the War but I am beginning now to wonder if we need to be there and what is actually being achieved. I am sad to see the way it is ending for Mr Blair but who knows how history will remember him.

My understanding is that he remains quite popular in the States – do you feel that is the case Dan?

Mike said...

Even though you didn't ask me, I'm going to answer. Tony Blair suffers an image problem in the US because he is seen as a supporter of president Bush. Many people here (not me) see Mr. Bush as the embodiment of either imbecility or evil, and therefore anyone associated with him is seen in a similar light.

As for the war, it is never a certain endeavor and should not be undertaken lightly. It often requires more faith than we are prepared to give in order to emerge successful. So many people now vocalize their unhappiness with the war that many of us start to question our own commitment to the cause--which is exactly what those who don't support the effort want. I'm keeping my faith because I think it is a noble cause and that there is no way we can "support the troops but not the war" as so many people now like to claim.

Trevor Gay said...

You are very welcome to respond Mike :- )

We think alike in many ways. I am still a fan of Tony Blair despite being in a great minority in the UK (if I believe the newspapers and other media.)

Mr Blair definitely loses points on popularity over here because he is seen – not by me I hasten to add - as too far under the thumb of George W.

As regards the war I will keep the faith too but I do not think we can stay in Iraq indefinitely unless there is some optimism that there is some resolution on the horizon.