Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Minus 9 Degrees C !!!

Annie and I have been up with the lark for the last three weeks for a 7a.m. run for 30 minutes as part of preparing for some forthcoming 5k and 10k charity runs and also to try and lose some weight and improve our fitness. The good news it is working.

Sometimes in the last three weeks the temperatures have been around zero and slipped to sub zero on a coupe of occasions. On one of those mornings we had to run the whole journey holding hands because of the icy conditions underfoot.

This morning it was just too cold at MINUS 9 DEGREES - So we took the ‘soft’ option to go to the gym and run on the treadmill at 7am in the warm.

It was more slippery outside than ever – indeed it was treacherous underfoot.

Holding hands because of ice is one thing but as much as I love her there is no way I can piggy-back Annie all the way.


Dan said...

Bravo on your consistent running record - having a partner to run with definitely helps!

As for temperatures, it was -4 degrees F here recently, and with windchill factored in, they're talking about -20 F.

Now THAT is cold...

Trevor Gay said...

Ouch - that is really cold Dan!

Dmitry Linkov said...

And we got here general february -20 C.... nightmare! my face is frozen in 15 minutes being out!

Moscow is with you! )

Rocky said...

That is incredibly cold. -20C!!!!! I think Trevors plan of holding hands in a warm gym works.

Trevor Gay said...

Dmitry - Minus 9 Deg is unusually cold for UK so I donlt think I will be visiting you this week in Moscow my friend :-)