Friday, February 02, 2007

Does this sound ok?

I am going to try some Audio Blogging - this might be fun! The phone line is not a brilliant connection and you will need the volume well up but hopefully it comes across reasonably clear. I'm sure you will let me know either way! This clip is 3 minutes and 4 seconds long


Anonymous said...


Great way to communicate...I
enjoyed TP's from NZ and with
your's almost face
to face plus a voice to a face.

Jim Baker
North Carolina

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Jim ..... as I say 'boys with toys' etc.

Most of this techie stuff is 'hard work' for me to learn but it is very exciting - maybe I need to get out more :-)

Chuck Yorke said...

Hi Trevor,

Wonderful work. This is a great way to communicate, is a podcast far behind?

Marilyn said...

Way to go, Trevor. Welcome to the audio blog world. You seemed to relax the longer you spoke--audio is a different medium, and takes different skills. I like the sound of your voice and the speaking rate was good. Wonderful new photo headshot of you as well.

Dick Field said...

Hi, Trevor -- I really enjoyed this - not bad at all for the first time out. Yes, I know exactly what you mean by boys with toys. It is universal and something that often baffles - and sometimes perturbs - the fairer sex. I remember when I first got my wireless speakers for internet streaming audio listening. Lots of testing and tuning and varying sound levels. Great fun.

Are you using a telephone handset to record? Yes, it was a little muffled but cranking up the volume helped a lot. Do you have the option of using a microphone to record directly to a sound file? I only recently learned that, to do some voice over work for an internet radio station. Don't know what your audio blogging accomodates. Well, I feel myself going into a techie-geek binge, so . . . signing off for now!

felix said...

That is great Trevor. Next time you could try recording a Tom Jonesque track. ;)

Trevor Gay said...

Chuck – I will do a podcast soon I hope – I need to take one step at a time at my age :-)

Thank Marilyn – good constructive feedback – appreciate that and as regards the mugshot .... it is amazing what a camera can do!

Dick – it is by phone but my second one should be better – using a better phone. It is exciting to discover these things and I hope to develop it more – I will never be an IT geek methinks

Felix – I am working on Tom Jones piece – thanks for the tip – ‘It's not Unusual' to practice first of course :-)

shinsato said...

Took me forever to get to reading it, but it's great. Thanks, there's something even simpler about relaxing and listening than to reading.