Saturday, February 10, 2007

'Let is snow, Let it snow, Let it snow'

We are not used to heavy snowfall.
When it arrives it brings chaos to road and rail travel.
Snow is beautiful - when viewed from inside a warm house.
Annie took these photos to prove we do have snow sometimes.


Mike Gardner said...

You call that heavy? ;-)

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Mike

Somehow I just knew I would get some stick from my friends on the right hand side of the pond. Forgive our novelty value photos Mike - it doesn't happen very often :-)

felix said...

That's very heavy for my standards. This winter it's been quite snowy here, too. But not that much.

Steve Sherlock said...

Trevor, the good thing about snow is that is does force us to slow down. Slowing down can help bring the simple things to the forefront where previously in the hustle and bustle, they were lost.

Be safe but enjoy the snow! It bears a message of simplicity for us all!

Rocky said...

We do not typically get a great deal of snow in Kentucky. In places north of us they get very heavy snow (Wisconsin, Michigan, and int he North Eastern states) Some places here have had over 100 Inches!!!!! this year. We, in Kentucky, are more like you Trevor. A little snow shuts everything down. It can be quite enjoyable to go sledding, build snowmen etc..., but I would rather have the spring time. Keep warm and stay safe.

Trevor Gay said...

Felix – I just can’t imagine Basque Country in snow – every time I have been to your fabulous country it has been too hot for we Englishmen!

Steve – you are so right – we drove home very slowly and gingerly on Friday afternoon and we decided once the car was on the drive that is where it stays for the rest of the day

Rocky – reminds me of the story of the man who was told to wear something white at night for safety while walking along the road. So he dressed up in white hat, white jacket and white trousers and white boots - he got run over by a snow plough …

That is as close to a joke I can think lf this Sunday evening.