Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The David Greeff Beatitudes 2007!

My friend David Greeff has posted such a wonderful comment to the post about the Beatitudes I wanted to publish it as a posting in its own right.

David has produced a 21st Century adaptation of the Beatitudes that we might want to apply in business and work.

As far as I am concerned they are brilliant and I would love to have your comments.

It would make sense to read the original Beatitudes first followed by what I will call from now on the David Greeff Beatitudes 2007!

Fulfilled are those who are not ambitious,
For they will have ultimate success.
Fulfilled are those who admit their wrongs and make amends,
For they shall be forgiven.
Fulfilled are those on the lowest rung,
For they shall have recompense from God.
Fulfilled are those who strive to do the right thing,
Right will indeed come to them.
Fulfilled are those who are fair,
For they shall be treated justly.
Fulfilled are those with clean consciences,
For they shall receive what they deserve.
Fulfilled are the catalysts of harmony,
For they shall be called God’s people.
Fulfilled are those who suffer because they have done the right thing,
For theirs is an unspeakable reward.
Fulfilled are you when you are insulted and mocked, because of association with me (Jesus) and this teaching.
Be deeply and inwardly at peace, for life is infinitely more than the world and work, and everyone who has lived like this for God has experienced the very same.


Annie said...

I just love these Trevor. It'd be appropriate to have a copy of these posted up at worksplaces, just as most hotel rooms have a copy of the Holy Bible. Do you think people would read them? Or perhaps they would be ignored and dismissed like the Health and Safety Act regulations. I don't know - but I do think that the Beatitudes are a beautiful blueprint for living. It'd be interesting to hear the opinions of people from different faiths.

Hello to David and family.

tomjam said...

Hi Trevor

This version of the beatitudes is great..and just what I need at present. In the midst of a lot of politics and negative aspects of ambition at the moment, and trying to hold on to what's right and true. This really helps...as does the love of family and friends and Keano working the magic at the Stadium of Light

Take Care

/pd said...

this is a very good post. thanks for sharing

Trevor Gay said...

Annie - thanks darling x - David has a wonderful way with words doesn’t he? You are right - It would be good to hear from people of other faiths or even those without a religious faith. I hope people use ‘The David Beatitudes’ and I wrote somewhere else that I think all managers and staff should have these in their workplace pinned up somewhere to remind us how we should act at work.

tomjam - sorry to hear things are not so good. The ‘David Beatitudes’ are the sort of words we all need now and again to remind us about our priorities. We all get too serious about the ‘unimportant’ (in the grand scheme) stuff and forget about the more important contribution we can all make to the bigger picture that God wants us to see. Good to see ‘Keano’ doing the business and I fancy Sunderland to go up - maybe even without the need for the play offs. Sunderland are on fire at present. Keano was trained well by the master - Sir Alex - of course :-)

pd - thanks for your kind words - please share ‘The David Beatitudes’ with your Blogging community if you feel you can.