Sunday, February 20, 2005

Men and Women are Definitely Different!

I have increased the font size on my blog - hopefully it is ok now - thanks for feedback from one or two people!!!

As I have said before I agree with Allan and Barbara Pease … men and women are different!!!

Last week at the swimming pool I was delighted to invest in a new pair of goggles - £6 well spent I thought!

Like a typical ‘boy with a toy’ I couldn’t wait to get into the pool to try them.

After one short underwater swim I quickly realised and admitted to myself they were far too tight around my head – so tight in fact it felt like all the blood was being squeezed out of my head!

I stood in the pool disillusioned and distraught as I struggled manfully to pull and therefore force the rubber headband looser.

For fully two minutes I struggled growing increasingly impatient.

Annie gracefully swam toward me wondering what the problem was … I explained my predicament … she calmly looked at the goggles – unclipped the rubber band from its housing – loosened the rubber and gracefully swam off into the distance leaving me content but confused and wondering why I had not worked this simple thing out myself.

I guess it is the difference between Activist and Theorist as Honey and Mumford’s learning styles inventory would tell us ….

Frankly I think it is far simpler … it is the difference between someone with calmness and logic and someone who is convinced there is a simple way – just keep trying till you discover it ….

In other words the difference often between men and women!!!

Sorry chaps … I believe this is an accurate reflection …


felix gerena said...

And what about the magic of an accurate coupling? Don´t you feel relieved for having your perfect complement beside you? Isn´t that really wonderful?

Trevor Gay said...

I feel more than relieved, Felix. I feel honoured to be in love with the most fantastic woman in the world. Thank you for your continued interest in my blog. Regards my friend.