Saturday, February 26, 2005

Love Conquers All!!

In Britain we are all eagerly looking forward with great anticipation to the most celebrated and regal wedding since the turn of the new century.

Yes it is finally here …..

It is a wonderfully romantic story of two middle aged people who have both had traumatic lives. They have overcome much adversity and opposition and, despite it all, have remained jointly committed for many years to their goal of happiness together forever.

He became a widower a few years ago when his young wife died in tragic circumstances and the sympathy of the country went out to him and his two young children at that time.

She always loved him and hoped that one day circumstances would allow them to be joined legally in support of the message their hearts were giving them.

Now in 2005 - at last - the entire population will be able to watch on television their joining together after a long, but enduring courtship. It gives hope to all of us that eventually we get to walk the path in our lives that our hearts always desired.

So now all us subjects of Her Majesty the Queen look forward immensely to seeing them joined at last.


Felix Gerena said...

I always thought, since I knew about their love story, that things could have been much easier and much happier for all, the couple, the Institution, the Country, safe perhaps the sensationalist press, if Charles and Camilla had married when they met each other in the 1970´s. It has turned evident there´s no better "state reason" than love

Trevor Gay said...

Thank Felix- I'm sure Ken and Dierdre will be pleased with your comments too!!!

Take care