Friday, April 09, 2010

Simplicity Blog in Top 150!!

Delighted to hear that Simplicity Blog has been included in the top 150 Management and Leadership Blogs.

Click here for details of the whole list.

Simplicity Blog is in the company of some very high profile folks on the list of 150 including two of my great heroes Tom Peters and Seth Godin.

It’s brilliant to be included and I would like to put the credit where it belongs to YOU the readers and commenters on Simplicity Blog.

Since it was created in January 2005 Simplicity Blog has always been a conversation and not an ego trip for Trevor. My take is that any Blog is only as good as the folks who create the conversation and it’s very much a two way street ….. So take a bow Simplicity readers and commenters – thank you so much!!!

Keep is simple - always.


J.KANNAN said...

Dear Trevor,

It is indeed very great and glad to note with amazing pleasure that "Simplicity"blog is now one amongst the "TOP 150".

Congrats and take my words that "Simplicity" will certainly climb up to TOP TENS sooner, because you work hard and smart for it and we readers take great pleasure and privilege in reading your amazing postings and interact in all the best and possible ways and stands to gain in abundance.

Keep it up Trevor,...........I am immensely pleased to note this happily and I am really in a happy mood now.

I am getting back to normalcy and nothing to be concerned about my health and I take his opportunity to thank all my "Simplicity" friends sawlfsfor their prayers, good wishes and well-being of me and my family.



JOHN O'LEARY said...

Congratulations, Trev! It should come as no surprise. You're a terrific networker and you've built quite an online family! (And the simplicity theme certainly seems to resonate.)

Just came across a quote for ya:
"Art should simplify." — Willa Cather

Good to see you back, JK!

J.KANNAN said...

Thank you my Dear John for your finer sentiments and nice feelings for me.......and an excellent quote!!!!



Trevor Gay said...

How wonderful to hear from you JK - so pleased you are on the road to recovery Sir! I miss you comments and I'm sure I speak for many others - we continue to remember you in our prayers.

Thanks John for your kind comments. The pleasure of networking is all mine I assure you. I've met many terrific folks through Simplicity Blog. Even the occasional Eagles fan :-)

Dave Wheeler said...


Congratulations sir! But they really aren't telling me anything I didn't already know...Simplicity is the best! I've learned a lot from it and talked to some very terrific folks on it. Exceptional (and well deserved)news!

Mr. J.K...terrific to hear your recovery has been a quick and complete one. You have been missed...

Trevor Gay said...

WOW - Thank you Dave - you are a great friend Sir!

Marilyn Jess said...


It is delightful to read your post, and see that you are recovering. Hope to speak with you soon.


Congratulations on making this list. What strikes me seeing the famous people on it is that I know some of them probably don't actually write their own copy--time constraints get in the way I'm sure.

You are different--your posts have the authentic quality, and I know you write them. You have created a community of Simplicity folk, congratulations on that, too.

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Marilyn

Great to hear from you.

It is indeed good to see JK back with us – I hope we can all hook up with him soon.

I take great pride and satisfaction in writing every posting Marilyn and I take equal pleasure in responding individually to every single comment. I’ve written 1043 postings since January 2005 when I started the Blog. To me my Blog is - and always has been - a conversation and Simplicity Blog is as good the folks who contribute. That’s why any compliment or acknowledgment about Simplicity Blog is a compliment and acknowledgment to all contributors –that means commenters as much as it means me.

The community of Simplicity readers is like a family to me!