Monday, April 26, 2010

Political history next Thursday?

It's fascinating how the recent leadership debates on TV have seen Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg emerge as far and away the most credible of the three leaders. He is streets ahead of both David Cameron and Gordon Brown. As far as I’m concerned Gordon Brown is clear in second place because he at least is talking about policies more than personalities.

The spin doctors of both the Labour and Conservative parties together with many TV political pundits keep suggesting the Liberal Democrats very high ratings in opinion polls will not materialise in real votes and therefore seats on 6th May.

I’m not so sure.

Against a backcloth of the recent shambolic expenses scandals the great British Public is keen to see change and let our disgraced MP’s know exactly how we feel.

In a nutshell we don’t trust most of you – you have a lot more work to do yet to regain even the slightest credibility.

The Liberal Democrat Party may well surprise us all and make history next Thursday.


Marilyn Jess said...

So the result will be None of the Above? We could do that with our ballot over here in the USA and get lost of votes for that option!

Trevor Gay said...

Agree Marilyn - I did her a rumour someone was starting a new Party over here called "None of the Above"