Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It hurts!

On Monday this week my 4 year old grandson Sebastian had an accident at school. This resulted in a trip to the hospital for an overnight stay and surgery on Tuesday morning on his broken arm. Here is a picture of the brave young soldier in his hospital bed. I'm sure all parents and grandparents are just like me - seeing our own children or grandchildren suffer pain hurts us.

The great news is Sebastian is much better and back at school tomorrow (Thursday).


Dick Field said...

Our best to Sebastian and hopes for a quick recovery. He is a brave, good-looking boy in the picture. I can completely empathize with your feelings as a grandparent. One of our grandsons about the same age (Jake) broke his arm this summer. I will send a pic by email that you can show Sebastian.

Trevor Gay said...

Thank Dick - appreciated.

Marilyn Jess said...

Hey, Sebastian.....I bet you get some awesome artwork on your new cast. Feel better soon.


From Vermont, USA

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Marilyn - I'll make sure your message is passed on to the big boy :-)

J.KANNAN said...

Yes, it certainly hurts parents/grand parents to see theirmost loved ones suffers from any sort of pain.

But Sebastain, an extra-ordinary child(believe it) with smile on his face on bed in spite of injury pain-and that's some thing extra ordinary and amazing...............and that's why he is a soldier. and 'am sure that he will groom himself with the help and guidance of his parents and grand parents to be the future "General of UK Army" or Chief of UK Air Force.

Iwish Sebastian speedy recovery and a glorious career and future.

My Love & Best wishes to Sebatian.


Trevor Gay said...

Bless you JK - you are so kind!

JOHN O'LEARY said...

Trevor, inquiring minds in the US want to know: how was the quality of Sebastian's hospital care?

The inane debate continues over here (sigh)...

Trevor Gay said...

Hi John- Great question my friend. Here’s how it went:

After accident - Taken from school to hospital – 10 minutes

Treated in accident department – X-Rays taken - short term plaster cast applied to arm and strong pain killing medicines administered

Stayed in hospital bed overnight for observation and surgery following morning

Bed overnight provided for parents to stay over

Following day – surgery performed early in the morning

Discharged home from the hospital bed late afternoon

Total cost – ZERO!

Satisfaction level of parents: = 100%

Perhaps I can return to you with a question – How much would this have cost in the US?

JOHN O'LEARY said...

Based on my own policy, this would cost me several thousand dollars minimum, given my deductables (which keeps my monthly premiums down to $450/month). But then I'd probably get an infection while in the hospital, so I guess that balances out.

Trevor Gay said...

Several thousand dollars Eh?.....

Mmmmm I rest my case on universal healthcare John :-)

JOHN O'LEARY said...

Not so fast there. Our premiums go up 5 to 10% each year. And we get drugs we don't need. Doesn't that count for something?

Trevor Gay said...

Interesting John - thanks.

We've had free universal health care now for almost 62 years so the charges you talk of are alien to my mentality

I will personally fight ANY suggestion of getting rid of our universal free system should any politician be STUPID enough to suggest such a thing.

We have some things to be proud of in the UK and the NHS is the jewel in the crown as far as I am concerned.

How any nation treats its most vulnerable citizens is a great marker in the ground as far as I can see.