Sunday, November 01, 2009

Another thank you to rail providers

I’ve just been reviewing my work diary over the last month.

1st to 31st October
- 19 days on train journeys – a total of 55 individual trains given various changes.

Train slightly late: 2 occasions

Significantly late: 0 occasions

On time or early: 53 occasions

I would say that’s superb given the complexity of rail travel and the number of variable factors.

Just as with the NHS there are often sweeping generalisations about poor rail services in England.

Rather than listen to those doom spreaders I speak as I find and as I have said many times on this Blog I feel we have a very good rail service in England.

The last month has again confirmed my opinion.

So thank you Virgin and Cross Country (both pictured above) These are the two main providers I've used in the last month.

November looks almost as busy for me on the rail network and I'm optimistic!


Anonymous said...

Trevor: I am definitely green with envy. I live in Texas and we probably set the record for number of cars on the road with one occupant. Mass transit does not exist in any meaningful way here and your post reminds me of the civility and efficiency inherent in your transit network. Sigh....

Trevor Gay said...

Hi David and thanks for visiting Simplicity Blog again – you are always welcome. I’m taking a bit of a break for Tom Peters Blog right now.

There are still big problems over here in terms of the vast number of one occupant cars on the road – its scary.

I made a positive choice about 9 months ago to travel on business by rail for many reasons – not least the reduction in stress levels compared with driving.

I have been very impressed with our UK rail network. There are critics who will probably give a different slant to me but as I said in my post I speak as I find.

Trevor Gay said...

Sorry David - I meant to say:

I’m taking a bit of a break FROM Tom Peters Blog right now.

Anonymous said...

Trevor: Totally understand the break you mentioned. My daughter and I were comparing the civility of the UK and Vienna systems with what we deal with on our roads - increasing congestion, road rage, aggressive driving - and Europe wins. We love the USA but there is much to learn from European rail. All the best.

Trevor Gay said...

Hi David – interesting that you are more impressed with European ‘civility’ – Over here we often feel the US leads the way on customer service and friendliness – maybe we are catching up .. Albeit slowly :-)

Appreciate your comments Sir and thanks again.

Joel D Canfield said...

My friend Charlie Cheney is touring the western US, playing music and promoting his band management software. He's doing the whole thing by train. His punctuality statistics sound a lot like yours; he's completely hooked on trains.

Trevor Gay said...

Cheers Joel - Charlie ad I should maybe get royalties for promoting the rail providers!

Hope you are keeping well buddy :-)

Marilyn Hanson said...

Great read thaanks