Tuesday, June 09, 2009


I am proud of the level of conversation on my Simplicity Blog. It is always a high standard. Most of all I am pleased it is always civil, well mannered and respectful to other commenters.

So ....
as I approach my 1000th (now up to 971) posting in the 4 years since I started the Blog a big "thanks" from me to everyone for setting and maintaining such high standards.

The regular commenters here and of course any new visitors - who are always welcome - are among my greatest teachers as well as friends.

Just wanted to let you know!


Robin said...

Compare and contrast, perhaps, Trevor? And on that subject has the TP site been down for everyone recently, or just me? RobCH

J.KANNAN said...

Hi Trevor,
It was indeed a great treasure and pleasue to read "Simplicity" articles and to interact with with simplicity friends from different walks of life and in different elite profession and occupation.

As you have rightly mentioned the postings as well interaction with all simplicity friends and with you has always maintained a very high standard with ethics & decorum- That speaks of the quality and content of the "Simplicity" blog and its readers.

I wish you all the best as you move forward towards 1000th posting, and goes without saying, calls for a great celebration.

Trevor, As you have made many friends and Teachers, we have made a very good friend and a very good Teacher in -' "Trevor Gay"-A great guy.

May "lord Jesus" continue to bless you and your family at all times.

With love & regards.


Trevor Gay said...

Hi Rob – The TP Site is now back up and running but you are right it was down for several hours.

Compare and contrast? – The ‘customers’ (i.e. Blog visitors) are probably the best judges of that. I guess my simple view is that Simplicity Blog is a forum open to anyone where we can have friendly and respectful conversation. I don’t see much value in having open warfare in such a public arena. Everyone who visits my Blog sets their own standards of civility. I certainly feel the discussion here has ALWAYS been exceptionally polite even though there is sometimes disagreement. In four and a half years there has never been any cause for me to consider moderation of comments. I hope there never will be. That alone tells me about the high standards commenters have.

I am also gobsmacked by the generosity, sharing and humility of those who visit Simplicity Blog. That generosity comes in many ways including fabulous gestures like sponsorship of Annie and me in our recent London Marathon run. We were totally overwhelmed by the support of folks who visit this Blog.

The brilliant supportive and encouraging words were also inspiring and let me say it made us accountable. There were so many people offering their encouragement that we felt we had to succeed in order not to let those people down!

These are just some of the reasons I feel blessed to have met and made so many friends through Simplicity Blog.

Trevor Gay said...

JK - Wonderful words and thank you as always for your astute and supportive comments.

The conversation on Simplicity Blog is only as good as the participants. We have great dialogue and that partnership can grow - indeed should grow - so that we keep on hearing new voices.

You are so right about the richness that diversity offers us – this is a great strength. I hope we continue to learn from each other. With open minds anything is possible. With a closed mind we are in danger of missing opportunities to learn. This has always been my philosophy.

Rocky said...

I think a lot of that comes from the way you write your post. You are always professional in your presentation. You keep it simple and handle every article with care. That comes across even in topics that may be somewhat controversial. You have had some people respond in a way to challenge you and create a more controversial give and take. However, you always handle those situations in a well thought out manner. You have worked hard to keep it simple and professional. that is why you attract like minded people.

Robin said...

Trevor, I completely agree. A very wise person once said (in the context of a vociferous group whinge about what someone else had done): "very few people set out to GIVE offence. Many, many more seem to be actively looking to TAKE offence." Most of the time people seem to approach a situation just looking for the excuse to get aggressive and personal. So congratulations for setting the tone as you do...

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Rocky – thanks for your comment and I hope you are keeping well – long time no see. My general attitude is that life is too short to fill time with arguments that go nowhere. Trouble can find me easily enough without me searching for it. I enjoy discussing differences but I see no point in getting too upset about it. I have been very fortunate that everyone who visits this Blog seems to be a polite type of person. Maybe I’m just lucky :-)

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Rob – I like the words of that wise person.

Marilyn Jess said...

It is a real pleasure to read your posts, and it has inspired me to be a better blogger. The bonus part for me is virtually meeting your friends, and now we seem like family due to your blog.

This is what the Internet was meant to do--open up conversation and sharing. Thank you, and here's to many more friendly conversations to come.

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Marilyn - It's a great pleasure to be part of the family!