Friday, June 12, 2009

"Rules of Thumb" - A must read

I’ve just finished reading the Alan Webber book “Rules of Thumb” (52 Truths for Winning at Business without Losing Your Self)

The book is written as 52 short and readable chapters giving Alan’s thoughts and opinions after 30 years of rubbing shoulders with some of the greatest business leaders. He is also co-founder of Fast Company Magazine.

I have underlined or highlighted so many sections in the book that I can open the book at any page and find real wisdom. I just love the way Alan writes – I guess that comes from his journalistic background.

I would say that anyone interested in knowing what makes the great leaders tick and what makes the best entrepreneurs successful will enjoy this book. It is crammed with practical advice and the most impressive feature to me is the simplicity of Alan’s advice.

According to Alan it turns out leadership is about role model behaviour, integrity, simplicity and common sense. It's not about having a massive ego, pretentiousness and making lots of money.

I am so pleased that someone with the credibility and experience of Alan Webber confirms the things I've always believed in.

Thank you Alan for a brilliant book – I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and I recommend it without hesitation to anyone who wants to learn how to become a better leader, manager or entrepreneur.


dave wheeler said...


I will definitely read this book. The elements of leadership you mention definitely will get results the lower you lead in the organization. Since that's where the profits are made or lost, those attributes are indeed a performance multiplier!

Trevor Gay said...

You will not be disappointed Dave. Alan Webber writes in common sense language with many powerful messages.

How's this for an extract for you Dave? - I know you will relate to this from Rule Number 30 on Page 147:

“Where did the great ideas come from? The guys with the dirty fingernails, working in the trenches"

Amen Mr Webber

Dan Gunter said...

Although I don't claim to be the world's foremost book critic, this book is the ONLY book I have ever gone to the trouble of doing a video review for on Amazon. I did that review to invite (indeed "encourage") readers to get it and dig below the surface of what Alan Webber shares.

In and of themselves, the ideas and tips he shares are virtually priceless; however, if you consider them more deeply, it's easy to find yourself thinking "You know, that makes me think that if I would also try..."

This is the sort of book that can help a person write his or her own rules for life, business, and relationships. There's much more going on here than meets the eye. Some books are merely "page turners." This book is a "door opener." In many ways.

Trevor Gay said...

Dan – for me the sign of a book that has made an impact is the number of times I pick it up after I’ve read it. I have already picked up Alan's book a few times since yesterday!

There are so many ways I can use his book in my work as a trainer and as a coach/mentor.

What I like most about the book is the way Alan gives practical tips based on what he had heard from great leaders.

And the joy for me is that what he suggest is always grounded in simplicity.

Dan Gunter said...

Trevor, I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment. For me, this book is now positioned near the desk with only a small selection of others from my library. If it tells you anything, I don't even keep a dictionary that close at hand.

This one is definitely a valuable tool. I honestly wonder if Alan Webber himself realized the potential impact of this book when he was writing it.

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Dan - I already know the next posting I write on my Blog is based on one of the suggestions in Alan's book!

Dan Gunter said...

I look forward to reading it.