Friday, June 05, 2009

Steve Yastrow - Customer Relations Guru

If you want to read some interesting stuff on customer relationships you would be well advised to visit the Blog of US based Steve Yastrow

Steve is a friend I’ve corresponded with a few times in the last year or two. He regularly writes on Tom Peters Blog and wrote a great book called “We: The Ideal Customer Relationship.”

Steve has a common sense view of customer relationships. I find his words simple yet inspiring.

Steve’s Blog can be found at


Dan Gunter said...


I am delighted that you mentioned Steve's blog and his work. Indeed, he cuts through all the jargon and needless hurdles we place in our own way, boiling things down to the essentials, giving the reader something they can actually make plans to work on.

Simplicity + Excellence = Steve Yastrow.

A little insider secret: there's a lot of great stuff to be had on his site and blog -- FREE. But it's also priceless.

Dan Gunter said...

P.S., be sure to check out Steve's ideas on customer "interactions" vs. "encounters." Two very powerful words to wrap your mind around. And he makes it easy.

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Dan - Steve has important things to say.