Friday, April 24, 2009

No turning back! - It's almost here!

Friday evening 5.45 pm … We are packing now … will be switching off the PC in a few hours and that’s it. We travel to London tomorrow and The London Marathon is now just 38 hours away. No turning back now.

I will not be posting anything or responding to comments now for almost 3 days.

With God's assistance I will be back, firing on all cylinders, on Monday evening with reports of our London Marathon adventure.

Once more please accept my sincere thanks to all who have given us such terrific encouragement and indeed for your donations – it’s not too late to tell your friends!

We have been absolutely amazed and indeed emotionally moved at the generosity of you all. Carers UK our charity will benefit greatly which means that Carers themselves will benefit and that means a lot to us.

We are now really looking forward to it …..

Have a great weekend.


Dan Gunter said...


I anticipate some great stories about the marathon soon. What you are doing and your reason for doing it are signs of two people with big hearts.

Cheers, my friend!

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Dan - there will be plenty of stories I'm sure. It will be a real blast I'm sure. Great work on the new website by the way - thanks :-)

Marianne Powers said...

Have a great time! I sure hope somebody is taking pictures!

Rocky said...

Awesome!! it will be an experience of a lifetime. Rock On Amigo!!!

David Wike said...


While we are waiting for Trevor and Annie to regain consciousness I can reveal the London marathon result to their avid followers:

In the men’s race Trevor finished 21,891st - obviously he was held back by the crowds in front!

In the ladies race Annie finished 8,655th – obviously she was held back by Trevor!

Annie was clearly hanging around waiting for Trevor as they finished in an identical time of 5 hrs 31 mins 55 secs.

As someone who thinks that walking a couple of miles is good exercise, I cannot even begin to imagine what 26 miles and 5½ hours is like, so many congratulations to them both.

OK guys, you can have Monday off but I want you back in training for next year on Tuesday!

Fabulous performance, well done!

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Marianne, Rocky and David - see today's posting (Monday) - we are back home .... and surprisingly ache free!! - A fabulous experience!