Friday, April 10, 2009

Friend of Simplicity - Keith Ready

About 4 years ago I came across Keith Ready an Aussie who is my ‘Friend of Simplicity’ today. Keith runs a brilliant website called "A Gift of Inspiration" that is full of wonderful stories, quotes and as the title says, ‘Inspiration.’

If you have not come across Keith’s website please visit and I am sure you will – like me - feel inspired when reading the stories.

Trevor - Hi Keith – thanks for agreeing to take part in the interview. Tell us a bit about your career and where you are based in Australia

Keith - I live in Narraweena on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia and have been married to Debbie for over 30 years, we have two sons, Simon - 23 and Tom - 20.

I have had nearly 35 years of practical and hands on experience in sales, marketing, human resources and general management primarily in the health care, FMCG and retail industry sectors. Over the last 15 years I have also presented in excess 1600 keynote presentations, seminars and workshop programs around Australia on aspects of growing and building successful small businesses through it's most valuable assert - it's people.

Currently I work as COO of Flowers For Everyone who is one of Australia's leading on-line and retail floristry businesses.

Trevor - Your Gift of Inspiration site is a massive library of inspirational stories, quotes and advice. What made you interested in this concept?

Keith - As part of my life outside of my work life I am the publisher of InspirEmail which currently has over 3000 subscribers all around the world and through this and my website - A Gift of Inspiration, I seek to provide a free service to the web showcasing inspirational stories, quotes, images and messages to refresh the spirit and boost the emotional bank account. In recent times I have become known both in Australia and Internationally as Mr Inspiration, primarily because of my passionate commitment too inspiring everyone that I come into contact with, to be better at what they do in all levels of their life.

I have had many of my inspirational stories published in international e-newsletters and websites including - Achieve, Insight, Starfish, Story Time Tapestry, Sermon Illustrator, Heart Catchers, Motivateus, Heartwarmers, Our Echo and Positive News.

Trevor - What inspires you Keith?

Keith - I am inspired by the people I meet and work with every day of my life, some may refer to them as 'ordinary every day people', but I have found that every one that I meet is extraordinary in there own special way. I do admire certain high profile achievers who live and work in our country, such as Dick Smith and Tom O'Toole, but in the main draw my inspiration from those that I meet who I know are making a difference in their own small but very special way.

Trevor - Do you think story telling is used enough in management and business?

Keith - No but they should be used more often - I consider that the positive real life experiences we have in every day of our life provide us with messages and reminders of how we can do things better in all that we do, in and outside of business. When I write a story or article, I am always reminded on my two favourite quotes which I aim to deliver in all that I do:

'People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel'


'Life isn't measured by the number of breaths we take, but rather by the moments that take our breath away'

Trevor - Have you visited the UK and if not do you have any plans to visit?

Keith - Yes in 1980, I spent 10 months working the UK and loved every minute on my stay, I have only been back once since 1980 and would love to visit again in the future.

Trevor - Like all Aussies no doubt, you will be looking forward beating England the old enemy in the upcoming Ashes. Can we beat you this time?

Keith - In 1980 I got to play cricket in England during the summer months, not at a high level but it taught me a lot about the history and heritage of the game. Whilst I am a passionate Aussie cricket fan and supporter, I believe, it matters little who wins but rather what the game gives us all.

Everything goes in cycles - we lost the Ashes to the better team a few years ago and then won it back, so this series should be an interesting one given that Australia is now going through a rebuilding cycle after the retirement of greats such as Warne and company. May the winner of this Ashes series the be cricket and the underlying spirit in which the game should be played.

Trevor - Finally, Keith do you have a personal favourite inspirational story on your site and if so please provide the link for us to read it?

Keith - Given my comments about cricket - my story about a very special cricket bat and a relationship between a father and son seems to be the most appropriate as my favourite - "The Perfect Partnership" at this link


Rocky said...

I really like your website. I will be taking some time to read through your inspirational stories. Thanks Trevor for the great linkup. I am a big fan of inspirational quotes, stories, etc... I will spend a lot of time looking through the site and will use much of the information. outstanding!! Keep up the good work and making connections.

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks for that Rocky - Keith's site is an incredible library of inspiration!

J.KANNAN said...


You are absolutely right, Keith's web site is not only brilliant, in all realities inspirational.wonderful and amazing one as well. Lots of very good contents to read, understand and grasp- Thank you very much for passing on the web link.

The very name iitself indicates that Keith is really "Ready" to inspire people round the world-a great thing indeed..I may be permitted to tile Keith's family"Inspirational Family" with "Ready" ready to inspire people.

A versatile personality with on hand expertise and experience of three and a half decades in various core professional sectors, Trevor it seems you have lot of good health care people around to discuss and interact- A very useful asset to "Simplicity".

Amazing,incredible and marvellous on the part of Keith Ready having presented over1600 Key note presentations,seminars, and workshop programmes on important and very useful topic-"Growing & building successful small business through its most valuable asset-" Its people"-this is what exactly required in today's global economical scenario. I am quite sure that Keith's many friends must have been benefited immensely out of his efforts, and now" Ready" is ready to present flowers with fragrance to people.-Great.

A great idea to be known and recognised as "Mr. Inspirator"- Yes Keith, be ready, my dear Ready it's going to happen definitely, as you have very well prepared for it with your faithful efforts and hard work.

Since we have now met through "Simplicity", you may like to,add JK to your list. I am just an ordinary and very simple person living in Chennai (India) and You are welcome as our guest and accept our hospitality whenever you happened to visit India(Chennai)..

Wow! What a great saying " Life isn't measured..................our breath away."- I am propelled and incited by your words and to follow the truth" Life is not measured by the number of breath we take, but rather by the moments that take our breath away" and that real momentum is under the control of Divine Power.

The legendary international Cricketer "Bradman the great" belongs" Aussie and I personally respect and he is in my high esteem., and Keith I really loved to read "The perfect partnership 30 years in the making" An amazing and very interesting facts between father and son , love thegame of cricket and its kits.

Give me time Keith, it will take some time to go through your excellent web site-'am an ardent lover of "quotes" and I keep posting one quote a day for the past more than a year and a half with out break and some of them are my own quote of thoughts.

May God Bless & grace you, Debbie Keith,Simon and Tom-a well knit , amazing and wonderful family- and with my best wishes and Regards.


Trevor Gay said...

Hi JK - as a receiver of your 'daily quotes' can I also say you too share great wisdom through your words ... You and Keith should definitely exchange thoughts methinks :-)

Keith Ready said...

Dear Rocky and JK

Thank you so much for your kind comments and appeciation, I value them enormously.

Be inspired and best wishes

Keith Ready

Marilyn Jess said...

Dear Keith,

Absolutely 'smashing' interview, as they say. As one who also points out the positive to others in my work as a wellness coach, what you do with your website is like a much needed tonic for an often troubled world.

I have a friend who bills herself as an inspirational speaker. She, too, does keynotes. I'll hook her up with your website.


Keith Ready said...

Dear Marilyn

Thank you so much for your feedback.

Be inspired and best wishes