Saturday, April 04, 2009

George, 97 years young, completes 120mph skydive

Do you want to live to be 100?

I’ve often said I want to be the captain of my own 5-a-side football (soccer) team for over 100 year olds. People laugh … and I guess I'm only half, maybe 75%, serious.

I've become deadly serious having seen this

George Moyse – 97 years young – you are an incredible man – long may you live!!


Rocky said...

Thats pretty intense. I have not tried that yet, but will have to put it on my agenda. I think I would like to try it before I reach 90 years of age though. That is great. Live life to the fullest!!

J.KANNAN said...


A great achievement at this great and centenary nearing age by George Moyse- Wow! a Great Grand Father and Edward Brewer, a Great grand son to perform an amazing, thrilling and incredible event-the idea behind is 'Fund raising towards a noble and charitable cause" to add greatness to the event.- See the spirit at this young age "It won't be the last".

George Moyse is not only agile but also active, alert and with ability to perform and achieve what he has in his mind- A very good mental and physical set-up.

Traditions passes on and should continue to pass on to succeeding generations around the world.for the benefit and betterment of humanity

My humble salutations to this dare-dail pair on their tremendous and incredible achievement.

May God continue to give strength and stamina to this Great Grand Father & grand son to continue their Mission.


Trevor Gay said...

Rocky - you are in my 5 a side team for over 100 year olds!!

I hope you are in training!

Trevor Gay said...

JK - What a great role model George is for all of us who complain about being tired!

I pray I am like him when I reach 97!

mark jf said...

Trevor - if you can hang on until 2087 I'd be happy to join your 5 a side team.

Trevor Gay said...

I'm looking forward to being 22 as well Mark :-)

You can be our nimble striker!

mark jf said...

I simply couldn't play in such a left wing, socialist position as striker. I'll play centre of midfield with a licence to roam left or right, please!

Trevor Gay said...

Like it Mark - you have my full permission to parade your talent on all fronts! A midfield general springs tom mind