Sunday, March 29, 2009

London Marathon Countdown - 4 weeks to go.

Well we did it.

An 18 mile run this afternoon (Sunday) for Annie and me in our training programme for the London Marathon on Sunday 26th April - Just 4 weeks today!

It was very hard work but we got there.

Annie was brilliant - particularly as she has had a heavy cold all week. I struggled in the last 2 miles but got there in the end.

I now have to focus on the thought that we have to do this distance and then another 8 miles for the marathon.

Focus is everything - I'll need plenty of it over the next 4 weeks.

Next weekend our programme tells us we have to do 20 miles and that is the maximum distance we do before the big day when we have to do 26 miles of course!

The thought of 20 miles is painful just typing it!

Nothing that a good hot bath can't sort out ... speaking of which I am about to have my second hot bath since getting back from our 18 mile run this afternoon. We said on the way round that we must be mad to be doing this on a Sunday afternoon - surely there are better ways of spending the afternoon!

For our most recent marathon training update go to Annie's Blog at this link


J.KANNAN said...

Trevor & Annie,
Now 18 miles have gone, on 5th Apr 09, 20 miles will also go, and 0n 26 Apr 09, 26 miles will also go graciously and thereafter you can plan your Sunday noons to spend the way you feel like.

With a "MISSION IN VISION" one has to adjust and accommodate things(No other option), and once the Mission is achieved nothing Greater than that and you both are going to make it graciously.

All the best & good luck to you & Annie.


Trevor Gay said...

JK - It's wonderful ! - You have more confidence in us than we have in ourselves!! .... although after the 18 mile completion we are quietly confident :-)