Friday, March 13, 2009

Friend of Simplicity - Terry Starbucker

Today's Friend of Simplicity is Terry Starbucker who I first met 'virtually' about three years ago through various Blogging connections. Terry is always upbeat and optimistic - hence his 'half full' mantra featured later.

Please visit Terry's Blog and other links - his work is always worth reading.

Trevor - Tell us where you are based in the US and a little about your career

Terry - I’m currently living in Stamford, Connecticut. I’ve moved around quite a bit in my lifetime – I grew up in Wisconsin, went to college in Texas, and worked in California and Virginia before moving to Connecticut. I’ve been in the financial and service industries for nearly 27 years, starting as a CPA and then moving over to Operations Management (back in 1987). I’m now a SVP - Operations of a service industry based in the Rocky Mountain west, and I manage over 1,100 employees. I’ve been blessed to be able to learn and practice leadership skills that I am happy to share on my blog, “Ramblings From a Glass Half Full”.

Trevor - I love your mantra – “ramblings from a glass half full” - tell us where that comes from

Terry - On Christmas Day 2005, on a lark I decided to start a blog. As I sat in front of the computer thinking about what to name it, I remembered a time during my career where someone lamented that I always looked at the glass “half-full”. It was really a badge of honor, because I truly am a “realistic optimist”. So I added the “Ramblings” and off I went! I’ve now been blogging for over 3 years, and I’ve loved every minute of it.

Trevor - I know you are well ahead of the curve on technology Terry – at least well ahead of me. What is the next big thing?

Terry - It’s bringing high-speed IP video to the home – including the TV set – and the mobile device, setting the stage for a true “any show, anytime, anywhere” experience. There’s a lot of chatter happening about this on the business pages these days. The big question is when this convergence will happen. My guess is that it will be as the “Millennium” generation (those 18-34 right now) becomes the dominant demographic in about 4-5 years.

Trevor - How do leaders retain the enthusiasm of employees?

Terry - It’s really no big secret Trevor – a leader has to set the example by his or her own passion and enthusiasm. It has to start at the top. That leadership passion then needs to be constantly reinforced by good and frequent communication with peers and teammates, as well as through a healthy corporate transparency and openness to new ideas. It’s also important to make sure every teammate knows how his or her role makes a difference in the success of the business, and they “buy in” to the overall vision and strategy. That’s what I spend a lot of time doing as a leader.

Trevor - Tell me about SOBCon and how can people get involved in that?

Terry - SOBCon (SOB stands for “Successful and Outstanding Bloggers’) has been a labor of love for my partner Liz Strauss and I since 2007. It’s an annual gathering in Chicago, Illinois of fellow Bloggers and businesspeople that is designed to be an intense and high value learning experience on the “ROI of Relationships” – using our online platforms, tools and personal connections to maximize the value of our businesses. I can tell you Trevor that the 2007 and 2008 events were two of the best and fulfilling experiences of my life, and I expect the 2009 version to be just as exceptional. This year SOBCon09 will be held from May 1-3, and more information can be found at our website,

Trevor - When are you writing the book Terry?

Terry - As soon as I can find the time to write it, Trevor.
I do have a title though – I would be happy to give it its “world premiere” on your website: “The Secret Life of Terry Starbucker”. What do you think?

Trevor – Sounds good to me. Always feel free to use Simplicity Blog to promote your work my friend. Finally Terry, how can people find you

Terry - I blog at

I’m on Twitter at

And I’d also be happy to hear from you at my e-mail address,

Thanks Trevor, it was a pleasure!

Trevor – Cheers Terry the pleasure is mine and best of luck with SOBcon09 in May.


Rocky said...

Cool interview Trevor. I have heard of Terry and his outstanding work in the Blogosphere, but have not formally met him. Terry is all over the place in various blogs and Liz Straus SOB is one of the coolest blogs going. She would make an outstanding friend of simplicity. It is great to see you expanding and connecting with such prominent bloggers. You have really developed your simplicity theme and taken it to a whole new level. Once again this was a very nice interview. I think this idea has really developed into something nice and all your interviews seem to be very personal as though we are talking to someone we have known for many years. Good job and keep up the good work.

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Rocky – you are right about Terry – he is an outstanding Blogger – he deserves much wider promotion.

Glad you enjoy the series of interviews – it is great to get to know more about people in the leisurely time of an interview. It gives us time to understand the person behind the Blog.

Keep rocking Amigo!

J.KANNAN said...


Terry Star Bucker...........

A man of high financial academics and moves from place to place to commensurate with the good old saying "A ROLLING STONE GATHERS NO MOTH" and to add to this "IT KEEPS SHINING" I have extra-ordinary affinity towards Financial Professionals as I had the privilege and opportunity to interact with financial professionals at all levels, number of occasions way back from 1978 onwards.

Yes with out pactice of true leadership skills, it would not be possible to to manage and lead a work force of +1100 & Terry possesses it by all means. A good mantra created by Terry out of his own thinking and experience - Sounds and appeals good.

Its Right- ts always good to be ahead of oneself like Terry to plan and implement ones values and concepts to reality and " MAKE DREAM COME TRUE" sooner than later. I am in totally in agreement with Terry on various aspects and out look of Leader ship and no doubt that he has to spend a lot of time doing rightly as a True & effective leader

A good idea from terry and a kind gesture from Trevor to bring to simplicity platform "The secret life of Terry Star Bucker" and to reveal the secrets for the benefit of simplicity friends and shall eagerly wait for that day. Shall visit Terry's links and send feed backs to his e mail ID provided.

And last but not least, I totally endorse the views of Rockey being true , feasible and useful.

I wish Terry (A Real shining Star) all the best, good luck in his all future endeavours and may God's grace & Blessings be showered upon Terry at all times.


Anonymous said...


Great interview...may I ask one more question? What school in Texas. I'm down here right now and enjoy the diversity of our Lone Star state. Looking out the window, enjoying the fresh air, and the Alamo is right around the corner. What an interesting legend the Alamo has to offer with some great leadership in the hallowed halls of the infamous Mission.

I will visit your resources and what more can I say. I always enjoy the thoughts of JK and he sums up the feelings eloquently with regard to your contributions and interview.

Trevor---well done in the series. Amazing you have time to do this and run all over England for Carers.

Terry Starbucker said...

Thanks again Trevor for great interview!

Rocky, I agree with you about what Trevor is doing - it's a great platform to introduce ourselves to a broader audience (and thanks for your kind words - I look forward to meeting you!)

JK, thank you so much for your kind words and blessings. I will do my best to write that book soon!

Hi Scott - I attended St. Mary's University in San Antonio (a long time ago). I have such fond memories of my time there - it's a great city in the Lone Star State!

Thanks to all, and all the best!

Trevor Gay said...

JK, Scott and Terry – thank you for your comments.

For me, one of the greatest joys of Blogging is the connections that emerge. I am a great fan of Blogging, email and technology even though I am still a bit of a novice compared to Terry.

Thanks to modern technology the world is becoming a small place and I have made many friends in many parts of the world through Blogging.