Friday, March 27, 2009

Have a Great Dream

Regular visitors to Simplicity Blog will know I write a regular column for

My latest article “Have a Great Dream” is published today and you can read the article and comment at this link;


Rocky said...

What an excellent story. This shows your passion and sense of persistence has served well from your youth on. That same sense of persistence has led you to develop your own successful business and being one of the top 100 blogs. You have preached simplicity with a persistent, passionate approach. great article with a very good message.

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Rocky - I guess there are some traits we never lose however old we get. My late beloved Dad always told me as a kid you get nothing for nothing. Work hard and you will feel good.

These messages have stayed with me. I recall the days of that story so easily. Focus determination and never giving up were always on my mind.

Stay well Rocky - hope Caleb is still performing well!

David Wike said...

Great article Trevor. How did your little jog go today?

Marilyn Jess said...


This story points out that sharing a dream with someone, actually saying it out loud, gives the dream tremendous power.

Every goal I have said out loud, I've done. Saying it in front of my Fellow Toastmasters increases its power.

It's heartwarming to hear of the passion you had at 18, and still have. Think of all the lives you changed by forming the Table Tennis teams.....

Trevor Gay said...

David - thanks my friend - we got back an hour ago from our 18 miles run!

An amazing feeling - I ache in places I didn't know I had places!

Annie was brilliant throughout despite having a cold for most of the last week. I really struggled in the last 2 miles but made it in the end.

A hot bath and a lie down has helped ... I'm gonna have another hot bath later ... and we are definitely going to spoil ourselves with a lovely bottle of Red and a Chinese meal!!

Next weekend it's 20 miles ... Ouch!! I hurt already just thinking about it.

We must be mad - no comment please!

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Marilyn - thanks for those lovely comments.

Passion is sometimes all I offer to a job. But I think it often carries me a long way.

The table tennis story was a joyful experience and even though I was young I had the passion to succeed.

I always try always to be optimistic and see how things might work rather than worry about the fact they might not work.

By the way I will be publishing your interview later tonight - I look forward to hearing comments

Trevor Gay said...

PS Marilyn and David - you have Toastmasters in common methinks!

Happy Sunday!