Friday, December 15, 2006

Shackleton's Way

Ernest Shackleton

My friend Roger (Rocky) Noe from Kentucky recommended a book to me recently that I bought and I am really enjoying. For anyone interested in leadership I highly recommend this book

Shackleton’s Way is the story of Ernest Shackleton the Antarctic Explorer in the early 20th Century and his inspirational leadership style. Although Shackleton ‘failed’ to hit some objectives he is nevertheless regarded as one of the greatest leaders in history particularly in respect of his care for the people who were his ‘followers.’ It is one of those books I can’t put down.
Some highlights from the book already;

  • 'The foundation of Shackleton’s belief is OPTIMISM.'

  • ‘A leader is a dealer in hope’ – Napoleon

  • 'How did you survive? – one word answer: SHACKLETON

  • 'In matters of leadership the most reliable sources are the ones who are led.

  • 'One person can change the entire work environment'

  • 'Shackleton’s leadership tools were humour generosity, intelligence, strength and compassion.'

  • 'We search for leaders who are survivors and optimists.'

  • 'Shackleton had a disregard for class and custom.'

Sometimes when I read a book I know within two or three pages this is going to be a wonderful and educational experience. This book is one of those. You can see reviews by clicking here


Rocky said...

I really enjoy the story of Sir Ernest Shackleton. The story of his journey is incredible. I love the idea that he turned crisis into one of the greatest success stories of all time. The book is wonderful and is chock full of leadership material. It is one of those stories that you just can't quit talking about and it is 100% true.

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks again for your recommendation Rocky :-)