Thursday, December 28, 2006

Happy Christmas to the workers!

At this time of goodwill to all, I was interested to see today’s report from the TUC that top executive salaries at FTSE 100 firms have risen seventeen times faster than their workers' pay.

More details can be seen by clicking here

The staff whose salaries have risen 17 times slower than their bosses will once again read the Annual Report of their company as it says each year; ‘We owe everything to our staff’

Mmmmmm … Bah Humbug!!


Anonymous said...

The usual excuse is that these salary levels are required to attract the 'right people'. Hmmm ... I suspect that the right people would not condone such outrageous behaviour.

Trevor Gay said...

Hi David

I would hope that if I ever got to that sort of position I would still be ‘grounded’ enough to know where I came from. I am attracted to the concept of 'radical giving' as advocated by Nicky Gumbel. The test of course is when we personally have to make the decision to ‘give away’ the money we do not need – that is a real test.

Some of the figures of earnings I see are obscene full stop.