Friday, October 13, 2006

Tomorrow - A Very Special Day.

Tomorrow Saturday 14th October at 3 pm, Annie and I will be married in our local Church.

I can assure you’re the picture above is NOT our wedding rehearsal …. Although it was in our local Church where we will be married tomorrow. No, this was a piece of drama we performed recently in a normal (did I really say normal??!!) Sunday service.

Tomorrow I promise I will be in a suit and Annie will not have her turban on.

We have had many wonderful e-mails offering congratulations and we thank you for them.

All the preparations are now ready …we think!

Simplicity Blog will be back on Thursday 19th October

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hajush said...

Hey Trevor, congratulations on your wedding. That's a great picture, I thought it was you. Did you get to speak in a falsetto like Monty Python? Cheers!