Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Smoking Kills

It is early days but in Italy the research seems to confirm what most of us know intuitively. Smoking kills people who smoke AND those in the company of smokers.

I speak as an ex-smoker (I gave up almost 3 years ago) and I have sympathy for smokers who find it difficult to give up the habit.

The early evidence from Italy about their public smoking ban indicates a significant drop in heart attacks.

When I think seriously about it, I used to do the equivalent of taking a five pound note out of my wallet and set fire to it every day. Not only that I inhaled the smoke - I know it sounds crazy!

Apart from the significant cost it was a habit that was killing me before my time was due.

Having said that I recognise the challenge of giving up and it is not easy.

I hope in my lifetime we see a ban on smoking in the UK – it may be the only way to wipe it out completely.


Anonymous said...

As a non smoker I feel really annoyed by smoke and appreciate the measures that ban smoking in public places. If you have a habit, ok that's up to you , but please don't bother the people around. What would smokers think if everybody made public their "private vices"?

Trevor Gay said...

A great point Felix and I agree that smokers should have the freedom to choose - but not in my air-space :-)