Monday, October 23, 2006

Paul Scholes - a perfect role model for football

One of my favorite footballers of all time, Paul Scholes, yesterday played his 500th match for my team Manchester United.

'Scholesy' as he is affectionately known by all Man United fans, epitomizes for me everything good about professional football and about getting the priorities right. He never seeks publicity, in fact, he positively avoids it.

That does not mean Paul is not passionate about what he does as can be seen in the picture (above) after scoring the first goal in a 2-0 win for Man United yesterday over old rivals Liverpool. Click here for report

He has often been quoted as saying he is only interested in playing football for Manchester United, doing the job he paid for, and then going home to his family. He recently retired from international football for England (more’s the pity) because he wants to devote time to his family.

We live in a time when many very well paid (many would say overpaid) footballers seem to seek publicity and the bright lights lifestyle. These types act and live the lifestyle of celebrities to the full and that of course is a choice they make individually. That choice brings with it the personal responsibility for the image created and the flack such footballers receive from the media when things go ‘pear shaped’ in their celebrity lifestyle.

I think it is wonderful to see a role model like Paul Scholes emerge. To me Scholesy PROVES that a footballer who does not want to attract publicity can achieve that. It follows in my opinion that those footballers who get publicity must SEEK it. Avoiding or attracting publicity is a DECISION in other words. Paul Scholes has proved that.

Long live Paul Scholes as a Manchester United player. He has been loyal to United - his only club since he was in his early teens and now at 31 he obviously still loves it just as much as he always has.

He just wants to play football and care for his family – well done Scholesy - simplicity personified


Anonymous said...

Well said Trevor. Scholes is a fantastic role model. I am a great admirer of Niall Quinn at Sunderland who also set a great example by giving all his testimonial proceeds to kids' charities and also, as the new Chairman offered the olive branch to Roy Keane in the shape of a highly-paid job.Strong ideals and pragmatism too. Kofi Annan take note.

Trevor Gay said...

Hi tomjam - I think it’s great when we see footballers go against the flow and give money away rather than just take it. Niall Quinn did a tremendous thing with all that giving to charity and hopefully other footballers will follow his example. As a Man United fan I am of course delighted Niall also gave Roy Keane the chance to prove whether he can do be successful as a manager – I hope he does - Do you think he will?

On the wider front I suspect that the apparent 'greed' of footballers is probably more to do with agents than the players themselves.

Anonymous said...

Hi Trevor-I am a Sunderland fan so am biased in this regard.I have been an admirer of Roy Keane as a footballer, but not impressed by some of his conduct. Now of course Iam very much hoping he will succeed where so many others have failed and establish Sunderland as a Premiership club and even win a long overdue trophy.

Incredibly, Roy and Mick McCarthy have had an 'amicable' conversation on the phone, which is an incredible development. Surely peace in the middle East is a doddle compared to that!


Trevor Gay said...

I genuinely hope Keano makes it as a manager - he must have learned a lot from Brian Clough and Sir Alex - there can be no greater teachers in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Hi Trevor!

I was just wandering the Net for some Scholes News as he becomes 32 today and I found your blog accidently.
I've been a huge fan of Scholes for the past few years, and not only because he has a couple of cute little eyes. He is an example of how one should behave personally and profissionally. He is a celebrity but you cannot find much (almost anything,in fact) about his private life, whatsoever.
At first I just got annoyed because I wanted know more about him, but then I became even more fascinated about his own character.
Now I know why I've always admired him. He's a talented, humble good-looking man, who still knows the meaning of "privacy" and "values".

A reamarkable persona, a living legend!

Hannah C.

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Hannah

Brilliant - thanks for 'finding' simplicity! – hope you visit again and tell your friends! That is my ‘plug’ over …

Paul Scholes is everything any young man going into football should aspire too. He is single minded and focused on football on the pitch but a very private family man off the field. If only more footballers were like him then the image of the game would improve considerably. I have been a Man. United fan all my life so I am biased but I think Paul is the best all round player in Britain and it is tragic he is not still playing for England. I am afraid I am unable to comment on whether he is good looking … so I will just believe you on that!!!!

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