Friday, May 05, 2006

Horror upon Horrors

We are still not connected to the Web after 12 days!

This is getting serious now and the only way I can keep my head above water is to go to my local library every day to simply answer the most important business e-mails. That is the limit of my activity on the Web and I am beginning to realise just how important the Web is to my business.

I desperately miss being able to 'network' electronically every day. I am missing out on the usual high level of communication I enjoy across the world through the electronic airway!!

Some serious investment is required to get us back up and running and at the moment it looks like being another week before we will be fully operational again.

I am learning through this.....


Clive said...


No connection - Ouch!

It would seem that there is an upside though!

Best of luck with getting the gremlins sorted.

Warm regards


Anonymous said...

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