Friday, April 28, 2006

'Old fashioned' still works!

It is Friday and a fraught and stressful business week draws to a close before a three day public holiday weekend.

Sincere apologies to all my friends and business contacts who have not a good 'reply' service from me this week including my lack of responses to comments on Simplicity Blog.

It is amazing how reliant I have become on technology and when my system crashed on Monday morning panic set in!

As the week has progressed I have been dashing between meetings, talks, workshops and travels and worrying about how my inbox is growing in the absence of my regular visits to check incoming mail.

Surprise, surprise, ……no one has actually died as a result of me not being able to access my e-mails immediately, respond to them immediately and as a result feel ok about having an empty inbox which is always my aim at the end of every day. Yep I know I am mildly obsessional (mildly is my word)

In fact my efficiency has probably improved!

Ironically enough I have secretly enjoyed actually talking to people in person and on the phone rather than e-mailing almost everyone about almost everything. It has also reminded me again how important it is not to become too reliant on one mode of communication.

The temptation in my hectic business lives is to be lulled into some false belief that I cannot cope without the technology.

I miss my instant communication immensely and I hope to be back online properly next week but I have re-learned that there is always another way.

I would not advocate a return to my pre-technology days but sometimes maybe I need a ‘wake up call’ like the last five days to remind me there are far more important things to worry about than whether or not I can cope without e mail!

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