Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Another Two Weeks!

We have completely lost faith in out Internet Provider Wanadoo and have now arranged to change to BT Internet.

This has been brought about through a total lack of faith and confidence in WANADOO for their apalling customer service and technical service.

We decided that although being with BT will cost a few more pounds per month we will have the back up of a large company that will provide us with peace of mind if this sort of crazy situation ever recurs.

I am learning so much through this experience and will write it all up in an article just as soon as I get chance.

In the meantime I visit the library most days to keep on top of important business e-mails.

I am missing my regular Blogging and this last two weeks has brought home to me just how crucial the new technology is for networking and keeping in touch.

Our new BT connection will be available on 22 May when I hope we will be up and running 100% and in the meantime I will try hard to keep posting two or three times a week on my visits to the library!

I have made another great contact with Mathew Scott through Blogging and please take a look at Mathew's Blog at this link



Steve Sherlock said...

Trevor, it may sound trite but I do feel your pain. Good luck in these trying times.

The final story should be a good one for those who may be interested in learning from the experience. Whether an individual or a company, service NOW matters more than the process.

The company that does not get this message will indeed go out of business for lack of customers.

Phil Gerbyshak said...

Ouch Trevor! I'm sorry to hear of your struggles, and am glad you are going to be back in business soon.

Process is fine, but performance is GREAT!

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Steve and Phil – I appreciate your thoughts.

I just simply cannot understand why companies that are supposed to provide a service pay so little attention to recruiting people with a sympathetic or empathetic nature.

Wanadoo will never get my business again and I will never recommend them – in fact if anyone asks my opinion I will give it both barrels!

I don’t understand why they don’t understand.

If someone just says ‘sorry that must be awful’ it is good enough. What we have come across are robot minded people with a manual they just obviously read from following a flowchart.

I ask myself – where is your heart?

I console myself by the fact that, like everything else in life, I am learning through this.