Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Sir Alex Ferguson - an Icon with a heart

When I was writing my book Simplicity is the Key I wrote to Sir Alex Ferguson, Manager of my beloved Manchester United Football Club to share with him one of my Chapters about leadership.

Sir Alex not only took the trouble to write back to me but also shared with me some of his thoughts about the subject and about how he recognised his own leadership abiltity as a young man.

I was gobsmacked that this world renowned Icon could take the trouble to respond to me - a very insignificant person in 'his world' ... and then he responded again more when I sent him a copy of my final manuscript for the book.

What a hero ...what a leader ...what a man .....

The morale of this story .... Icons have feelings too



Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Felix

No Sir Alex didn't get into discussion about Beckham.

David Beckham was a brilliant footballer and an Icon who had the world at his feet when he was at Manchester United - things don't seem to have happened for him in Madrid as expected.

I just wonder if Sir Alex was in fact the best influence David could possibly have.

Sir Alex had after all 'looked after him' since Beckham was a 15 year old at Manchester United and had made him what he was on the football field.

When he was sold to Madrid, Beckham perhaps lost that 'leadership' from Sir Alex - just a thought.

I suspect the answer is probably more complex.

Thanks again for your comment Felix - hope you are well.


Rocky said...

I was searching the net for quotes and came across under the heading of coach i found a couple of Alex Ferguson quotes. check it out if you get a chance.

Anonymous said...

tbh Sir Alex is gay, he is an old fart that needs to be dropped of a bridge.
Man U play shite football for the players they have, they should win EVERY competition anywhere.

Drop Alex of a bridge now!

Sincerely an AJAX fan. (Wishes they had the money Man U had)

Trevor Gay said...

Hi there - my only response is to compare the Ajax Trophy Cupboard with Manchester United Trophy cupboard over the last 20 years - enough said my friend :-)

Anonymous said...

Ajax highest payed for player is around 5 million, the rest is all trained and turned proffesional from when they where what, 12?

It's easy to buy players @ 20+ million and have a bigger Trophy Cabinet. But with the resources Man U has I still think they play crap footie.

Trevor Gay said...

Let us just agree to disagree.

I am pleased you suport your local team Ajax and hope you continue to do so - I will continue to support United.

Best wishes

Anonymous said...

You DO know Ajax won the CL (EC) twice as much as Man U did?

Trevor Gay said...

I have no doubt Ajax are a brilliant club and like United they produce great players. Chelsea are the team we should be slagging off my friend :-)