Monday, January 24, 2005

Happy Monday!

Powerlessness is a state of mind - not a state of reality.

I remember Tom Peters saying that when talking to senior managers as he launched his book Liberation Management in the early 1990’s...

I am fully signed up to Tom Peters view of powerlessness ... so many people seem to believe they are powerless and they give up battling the wrongs as they see them in organisations..... what a tragedy.

This means that many of the best and brightest ideas are lost forever and I believe it is one reason change does not happen in big organisations.

Since I left the National Health Service in October I have appreciated the freedom and liberation that self employment brings.

Sure it is challenging and I realise I now have to work to eat.

But give me this feeling over the mundane battles that one faces when trying to introduce change in big organisations. It is such a shame.

There are thousands of talented people locked in organisations just waiting to explode their ideas.... sometimes only time can enable that or you are lucky enough to have a boss who believes in you.

I do believe strongly that one can ‘rattle the cage’ from within and one should always try to do that inside the organisation …..... sadly, the reality is, it is easier to 'rattle the cage' from outside.


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