Thursday, January 27, 2005

Rattling the Cage .... from the inside

Can you rattle the cage of your organisation when you are working in it when the salary you get at the end of each month pays your mortgage and keeps your family afloat?

My view is YES you can

If the organisation is a good organisation it will welcome challenge to its current operation in everything it does.

I am not suggesting anarchy or revolution (although in some organisations that might well be required!).

I am suggesting the typical middle manager in organisations is probably a bit worried about challenging 'the way things are done around here.'

What can make your job easier as a middle manager in that situation?

Here are some ideas - please add to them;
  1. A supportive boss who will back you
  2. 'Tactical awareness' - know who your ‘friends’ are ...and know who your potential enemies are
  3. Smile ... a lot
  4. Believe you are the Chief Executive ...don't be arrogant or loud...just quietly and from within believe you can really make a difference - you often can - even if you think you can't!
  5. Don't feel powerless ... Tom Peters says ‘Powerlessness is a State of mind not a state of reality’.... I agree

For more ideas take a look at Rattle the Cage Web site ....

Rattle The Cage ( ) is a community of leaders who are passionate about what they want to achieve, as well as those who desire to become strong leaders. Our mission is to assist you on your journey by bringing together thought leaders and practice leaders from around the globe who are willing to share their knowledge and wisdom for the benefit of all. The world needs great leaders...will you be one?



In mourning today as my beloved Manchester United lost a semi-final last night against Chelsea!!! sob sob sob....

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