Sunday, November 11, 2007

Best and Ronaldo

I am biased but I believe Cristiano Ronaldo is now the best footballer in the world. My all-time football hero is the late immortal George Best and I always said that no player will ever be as good as 'Bestie.' I now believe Cristiano Ronaldo can become as great as George. Cristiano is only 22 and yet to reach his peak.


Mark JF said...

He could well become the best and has done fantastically well to convert his undoubted skills and tricks from an entertaining sideshow into an entertaining and contributing part of the team. However, I still have doubts about his temperament. There is a petulance and small-mindedness about some of his behaviour that grates. Hopefully as he matures a man as well as as a player he will become more gracious; maybe Sir Alex will give him the responsibilities of captaincy when he sees these qualities emerging?

Trevor Gay said...

That’s a great point Mark and I agree with you. My son (who is also a Man United fan) and I were saying that being made skipper is the next logical step for Cristiano. That will also hopefully ensure he stays with the club although from his manner and his whole demeanour he loves it at Old Trafford. If any manager in the world can help him develop even more it is Sir Alex.