Sunday, October 28, 2007

Professor Randy Pausch

Ruth commented on a previous Simplicity post with this remark:

‘Slightly off topic, I thought about Simplicity Blog the other day after being recommended The Last Lecture from Randy Pausch, it's a pretty incredible video!
Apologies if it's been posted before'

This man Randy Pausch is quite incredible. It is very long video and I hope you get the time to look at it – it is well worth setting aside the time

And thank you again Ruth for the link.


Marilyn said...


Yesterday I downloaded this video and I highly recommend it to all your readers. Be prepared--it's one hour, 44 minutes long, yet will go by quickly. What a moving way to pay tribute to someone--before they leave us, not after.

Need a reminder of what is really important in life? Watch this--hint at the answer--LIVING your best life.

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Marilyn - it is heartwarming and a reminder about why and how we should enjoy every day we have. I like the way he does not seek sympathy - an amazing video and an amazing man.