Friday, October 12, 2007

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David Wike is a business colleague here in the West Midlands, England. David has invited me to work with him next month in a new workshop he has designed called Towards the Perfect Business!

David has some great ideas about how small to medium size businesses can develop. In a nutshell David wants his workshop to provide an opportunity to discuss with people running small business how they can aim for the perfect business.

You can read more about David’s ideas at his excellent website by clicking here.

David recently set up a Blog called Random Ramblings as part of his website and each Wednesday he pens his thoughts about business, customers and life in general. It makes fascinating reading. David’s long management career in the motor industry means that his insights about management and business are well worth reading.

David and I agree on many things, in particular, passion for front line staff and customers and I am sure regular Simplicity readers will enjoy David’s banter.

Click here to view David's Random Ramblings for this week. Please pass this link to your friends.

PS .. David is a life long Liverpool football fan for which I have forgiven him. I am sure he will grow out of that as he gets older ….. Just joking David.


David Wike said...

Gosh, what an excellent posting Trevor! This is so much better than your rantings about North West England’s second team, otherwise known as Manchester United. By the way, do you get as fed up as me when TV sports reporters refer to them as Man United or even Man U. Abbreviations are fine when space is limited such as on the results page but not in speech. After all, would we say ‘I’m just going to Man to do some shopping.’?

I have a slight confession. I haven’t been a lifelong Liverpool fan. But I did see the light a while back and ‘converted’. However, my father was a lifelong fan of Liverpool – the Reds. The only snag was that he was colour blind so could often be heard on the Kop calling, “Come on you Browns”!

Anyway, thank you for the plug for Random Ramblings. I suppose I’ll have to ask you to be a guest Rambler again soon. Just so long as you don’t mention that other football team!!!

Trevor said...

Good luck with everything David .... except football.