Saturday, October 27, 2007

Obesity in young people - Don't blame the NHS

What is it with childhood obesity?

The NHS can do some of the work but the big solution is NOTHING TO DO WITH DOCTORS AND NURSES.

The big solution is within us all individually. I have to ask the thorny question - who are the role models for our precious young people?

I am so optimistic when I see the passion of young people for healthy activity - despite the example many adults set rather than because of it.

Why do we jump to blame others before we look in the mirror?

I am appalled for instance that some of the top people in the NHS are significantly overweight. Sorry, but that is just not the right image and smacks of hypocrisy in the extreme.

Frankly I am fed up with the blame for obesity being given to burgers from MacDonald’s – sorry but that is just a cop out from our own accountability as parents and adults.

Phew I feel so much better now ….


Marilyn said...

"who are the role models for our precious young people?"

We are, all of us adults. What they see us eat, do, practice, they emulate. Never doubt that they are watching us. Health care providers included---we cannot preach health if we smoke, are sedentary, eat carelessly, let stress manage us, and the list goes on.

I'm learning that in wellness coaching classes, the coach needs to model what the client is looking to become. Perfection? No. Everyday good choices, yes.

It's the lifestyle more thananything else that contributes to obesity.

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Marilyn - Perfection is not the aim for me either - no one can achive that but I do get frustrated when I look at some healthcare professionals who surely should be role models. Then we wonder why young people rebel.