Monday, October 01, 2007

Patients Stories

I do a number of talks nowadays to health professionals about greater patient involvement and improving communication between patients and professionals in the NHS.

I often use this fictitious story to illustrate some of the problems.

Joe Bloggs goes into his local hospital for routine surgery and a couple of days after his operation there is a phone call to the ward in which Joe is a patient.

The caller asks ‘Can I ask how Joe Bloggs is doing please?'

The nurse in charge of the Ward replies – ‘Oh Joe is doing fine. His surgery was successful; he is recuperating very well and we are expecting the Surgeon to allow Joe to be discharged home today. Can I ask who calling please?’

The caller replies ‘Thanks for that information, this is Joe Bloggs. No bugger tells me anything around here.’

Of course that is an exaggeration … isn’t it?

I would love to hear stories from Simplicity readers about the good and bad experiences of communncation in healthcare settings whether in hospital or General Practice.

Real stories (anonymous of course) are always great subject matter in my work

Thank you in anticipation.

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