Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A leader in our times?

I enjoy reading about politicians and leaders of the day from a few decades ago.

I often let my mind wander to try and imagine whether those same people would have the same impact in the modern world.

I think many of today’s political leaders rely far too much on technology and exposure in the media to create an image.

What will people be saying about modern day leaders in 60 years time? What will history record about Tony Blair and George Bush compared with Winston Churchill and John Kennedy?

Although I am not well read about American political history I think I am right in saying that Richard Nixon was perhaps the first politician to suffer as a result of his image and how he came across on TV.

Well before the Watergate scandal, Nixon was beaten hands down in a live TV debate by the young, good looking and charismatic John Kennedy. It is argued that single TV debate went a long way toward Kennedy actually winning the Presidential Election in 1960.

The traditional view I hold is probably out of date and way behind time.

I would much rather vote for a person with humility, integrity and competence rather than someone with charisma and TV appeal. I frankly don’t care what they may look like on TV or what school they went to.

But then again I am probably just getting older ……

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