Thursday, October 11, 2007

The best advice is simple

Given the human disaster that is unfolding in Maidstone Hospital – where 90 patients have died as a result of infections passed on within the hospital - the issue of hospital cleanliness rears its ugly head again. This tragedy is a timely reminder. Click here for report

Despite all the high-tech medical treatments, the advancements in medicines and all the great medical knowledge in the heads of our medical staff, the three most important words in the NHS are


I have heard it argued that doing more of this would significantly reduce the level of infection in our hospitals .... and of course like all the best advice this is about SIMPLICITY.


Marilyn said...

Yes, thorough hand washing is the most basic, yet ignored step of all. Over here we are having a deadly MRSA outbreak linked to poor hygeine, among other factors.
It is frightening to see how FEW people wash their hands thoroughly (at least 15 seconds) in a public restroom. I only see the female side. It is not just healthcare professionals, all of us need to do this every day!

Trevor Gay said...

I agree Marilyn and I can assure you in the men’s cloakrooms over here I seem any men not even bother to wash their hands at all never mind 15 seconds