Sunday, November 19, 2006

You have to be joking!

I saw this on a Website today .... can anyone put this in English?

'Many organisations in the Corporate and the Public Sectors today are striving to achieve greater value from islands of information which typically reside in multiple, disparate sources. Our specialisation is in turning data into information through our scaleable data warehouse Data Academy and Corporate Radar reporting solutions. '

Errr .... what was that?? ... please pass my pills Nurse


Dan said...

I think they're trying to say they help people make sense out of large quantities of data... but judging by their own effort to describe what they do, I'd be a bit skeptical...

I think they need to read your book, my friend!

Trevor Gay said...

7 word descripition in good old plain English - brilliant Dan.

'Making sense of large quantities of data' - Now I understand :-)

Wonderfully ironic as you say how they promote their ability to make sense of things!

David Wike said...

There is an apt quote attributed to Richard Wilson, aka Victor Meldrew. I'm not sure which hat he was wearing when he said it, but I suspect that it was his irascible TV character! "What language are you talking in now? It appears to be Bollocks."

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks David - Victor Meldrew - brilliant!