Saturday, November 25, 2006

We CAN all be like Albert McMakin.

I’m sure I am not alone in this way of thinking. In my work, I often wonder if I am making any significant contribution. Is it all worthwhile? In the great scale of things, am I so insignificant that I cannot possibly make a real difference? Nicky Gumbel (pictured) in his excellent book Questions of Life tells the story of Albert McMakin.

Nicky writes:

‘Albert McMakin was a 24 year old farmer who had recently come to faith in Christ. He was so full of enthusiasm that he filled a truck with people and took them to a meeting to hear about Jesus. There was a good looking farmer’s son whom he was especially keen to get to a meeting, but this young man was hard to persuade – he was busy falling in and out of love with different girls and did not seem to be attracted to Christianity. Eventually Albert McMakin managed to persuade him to come by asking him to drive the truck. When they arrived, Albert’s guest decided to go in and was ‘spellbound’ and began to have thoughts he had never known before. He went back again and again until one night he went forward and gave his life to Jesus Christ. The year was 1934. Since then Billy Graham has led thousands to faith in Jesus Christ. We cannot all be like Billy Graham but we can all be like Albert McMakin.’

Applying Nicky’s story to the business world, I would say; if we only mentor one person in our entire career we may be doing something that can change the world

So the answers is – WE ARE ALL IMPORTANT.

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stewart said...

Spot on!