Friday, November 17, 2006

Simplicity on Blog Talk Radio

Early this morning I had the opportunity to do a live Blog Talk Radio interview about Simplicity with host Wayne Hurlbert who is based in Canada. I was phoning from England to North America from my landline and hence the recorded quality is not perfect from my end ... such is life .. I hope you enjoy it nevertheless and I look forward to comments.

You can hear the interview by clicking

Thank you Wayne for giving me the opportunity to talk about simplicity which is never a problem for me of course.


Dan said...

Congrat's, Trevor! Very cool!

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Dan - The joys of modern technology aye?

Wayne Hurlbert said...

Hi Trevor. Thanks for being on the show. You were a very interesting and informative guest, and we had quite a few live listeners. There are also people starting to download the recorded podcast. It was fun talking with you. Thanks again.

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Wayne

Pleasure was all mine - good luck with your programme and future interviews - always happy to return.