Saturday, November 18, 2006

No one is available?

We recently heard this wonderful story from Nicky Gumbel.

A home owner rang 999 emergency services to report a burglary at his property – this is how the conversation went:

Caller: A person is breaking into my garden shed right now, can you send someone immediately please?

Police: Sorry we have no one to send immediately but we will try to get someone there as soon as we can.

The caller hung up. One minute later he rang back:

Caller: I rang a minute ago about someone breaking into my garden shed. You don’t need to send anyone now – I’ve shot him.

Within minutes polices cars, sirens and blue lights, special arms units, police helicopter all arrive at the scene.

The conversation in the house goes as follows:

Police Officer – I thought you said you had shot him.

Home owner: I thought you said no one was available.

I just love that!

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