Tuesday, November 21, 2006

More than one way of achieving your dreams.

When I was a kid I was mad keen on football. Playing in my street with my mates, I dreamed of becoming a professional footballer and playing at such magnificent stadiums as Old Trafford home of my beloved Manchester United.

My dream, like those of many thousands of other young lads, didn't come true because I was never good enough to play professionally.

It is really odd how things turn out though.

In the last 9 months I have run management workshops at major football stadiums including Old Trafford, (Manchester United) Pride Park (Derby County) and at Villa Park (Aston Villa). These are three magnificent stadiums.

I guess dreams can be fulfilled in different ways.

The use of major football stadiums for corporate business events is now common practice.

I have to confess the view from the very plush corporate boxes overlooking the perfect pitch is breathtaking. Maybe only football fans feel that buzz.

When I look out at the pitch I conjure up images in my head of me in my Manchester United kit, in front of 75000 fans, scoring the winning goal in the last minute.

Dreams are wonderful ….. And of course boys will always be boys.


Dan said...

I seem to recall a quote that went something along the lines of "If you take the boy out of the man, there ain't much left."

I think it was Will Rogers, but I can't locate the original source.

Regardless of who said it first, I think there's alot of truth there...

Trevor Gay said...

I like that quote Dan - and agree totally!